The Aggression Scale


Mr Bellavance (the legendary Ray Wise) is a worried man, with only 48 hours left on his bail he has to find his missing millions so he can skip the country with his son. He tasks his cronies led by Lloyd to track the money down using a list of people who may know where it is.  Lloyd and his men aren’t exactly the ‘nicey nicey’ types and a bloodbath soon starts.

Elsewhere a young family has moved away to start a new life.  Their son Owen doesn’t speak and immediately it is clear he isn’t ‘quite right’.  It’s not long before Lloyd and his goons turn up, then the fun really begins.  You see Owen, not only is he disturbed he is also highly intelligent and loves survivalist manuals.  The scene is set for the fight back against the bad guys.

The Aggression Scale is a refreshing breath of fresh air, whilst the plot isn’t particulary that original, the film is a real sadistic pleasure. Plenty of violence and when that little psycho Owen gets going, he comes across as a junior Charlie Bronson from Death Wish 3 with his vicious traps.

Cast wise, Dana Ashbrook as Lloyd is great and nasty, his gang featuring Derek (new Friday the 13th) Mears and others are equally unpleasant.  Finally, young Ryan Hartwig as Owen must have had the time of his life playing someone so disturbed. Well directed by Steven C. Miller in obviously a short space of time and virtually all in one location.  A little gem and well worth checking out.

One last mention to actress Fabianne Therese who may look great but is easily the most annoying whiniest character in a film for years, I was routing for her to die in a most unpleasant way since almost the beginning.  But hey, that’s just me.

  • Starring Ray Wise  Dana Ashbrook  Ryan Hartwig  Derek Mears
  • Director Steven C. Miller
  • Distributor Anchor Bay