Dragon Wasps


When a scientist finds evidence of a big corporation tampering with nature, his guide is killed and he is whisked off to their hive by a strain of rather large wasps.  Determined to find out what happened to her Father, Gina and her friend Rhonda enlist the help of the US peace keeping force to help track him down.

It’s not long before they are attacked by the local cannibal drug dealers and the wasps.  Taking one of their injured to the drug dealers’ camp, Hammond the leader of the peace keepers strikes a deal with the gang’s leader to save the soldier’s life.  Now owing a life debt, Hammond double crosses them and then as he blows up their camp, the wasps decide to make another appearance.

Dragon Wasps is totally ridiculous, entertaining and without a doubt a film to watch with your brain completely switched off. The wasps look really good, there is a few shots when they look a bit naff, but when they are swooping down and attacking they are rather quite menacing.  The fire they shoot out is rather handy for burning various extras as well.  The acting overall isn’t bad and the script although a ‘by the numbers’ creature picture is well constructed and fairly logical.

Easily the best giant wasp movie ever made.

  • Starring Corin Nemec  Dominika Juillet  Benjamin Easterday
  • Director Joe Knee
  • Distributor Chelsea Films