Silent House


With the original version from Uruguay (La Casa Muda) only a year or so old, the Hollywood remake machine rumbles on for those who don’t want to read subtitles.  The original film became famous because it was apparently shot in one take, the remake emulates this but if you look closely there are some obvious edits in the cutaways.  The original probably did the same though, crafty people these film-makers.

Sarah and her Father are at the family holiday home packing up so the house can be sold.  Sarah hasn’t been there in years and due to this doesn’t recognise her neighbour whom she played with as a child.  When Sarah begins to hear weird noises, her Father investigates and soon disappears.  Then the serious weirdness starts, more noises, creepy little girls, bangs, basically all the things that would scare the crap out of you gets thrown at Sarah and then it appears she is losing her mind as well.

I saw the original at the cinema and although I thought it was alright, I can’t really remember much about it.  The remake has had a bit of an unfair pasting by critics generally (as do most remakes).  I thought it was clever, well made and features an excellent central performance from Elizabeth Olsen, who thankfully is far more talented then her annoying twin sisters.  A nice creepy little movie.

  • Starring Elizabeth Olsen  Adam Trese  Eric Sheffer Stevens
  • Directors Laura Lau  Chris Kentis
  • Distributor Studio Canal