Sand Sharks


White Sands is a small island resort struggling due to the times we live in.  It also doesn’t help in the past there has been some shark attacks.  The Mayor’s wayward son Jimmy returns to town with an idea to hold a Spring Break festival to revive the island’s fortunes.

It all doesn’t quite go to plan as people have been killed by what seems like shark attacks.  The Sheriff calls in an expert (Brooke Hogan) who works out that they are indeed shark attacks, but these sharks are ‘sand sharks’ with the ability to travel through sand like water.

Yes, it does sound totally gormless but it all works incredibly well.  Director Mark Atkins is an old hand at creature flicks and as a man who regularly works for The Asylum can knock out a great movie in no time.  The CGI sharks are very hokey and there is also bags of gore on display to satisfy the blood thirsty among you.  It is really a comedy and not to be taken seriously as the majority of the characters are there to either be killed or used for comic effect.  Also, the film makers aren’t scared of killing off major characters so you really don’t know who’s next to kick the bucket.

All in all a good time can be had in the company of the ‘Sand Sharks’ and I for one would like to see them turn up elsewhere.

Entertaining nonsense with a capital ‘N’.

  • Starring Eric Scott Woods  Brooke Hogan  Vanessa Evigan  Corin Nemec
  • Director Mark Atkins
  • Distributor Chelsea Films (UK)  Phase 4 (US)