The Harsh Light of Day


Dan is a just published author with a loving wife living in a beautiful country house in Dorset.  Things are looking up and they are discussing about starting a family, but all that is shattered in a random act of violence.  Thugs break into their house crippling Dan and killing his wife, now confined to a wheelchair Dan’s ideal life has now effectively ended.

During the research of his book Dan befriended the mysterious McMahon who helped him with his research.  In a telephone call McMahon recommends Infurnari, a friend who can help Dan get through all the bitterness and grief.  However, Infurnari isn’t quite your average chap and the author’s life changes forever.

The Harsh Light of Day is something quite special, a horror film with vampiric leanings and a nice Death Wish’esque revenge plot.  The film avoids all the vampire cliches, such as bats, wooden stakes, bad Eastern European accents and works all the better for it.  This is one film that is thankfully not Twilight, but an atmospheric film with deadly serious consequences for the central character.

It might have been made cheaply, but the film is rich with all the things that count, good acting, blood and whilst not that original, an interesting screenplay with characters you actually like and can emotionally invest in.  Simply, a very good film and director Oliver Milburn certainly shows some promise.

  • Starring Dan Richardson  Giles Alderson  Sophie Linfield  Niki Felstead
  • Director Oliver S. Milburn
  • Distributor Monster Pictures