Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings


Our story starts with an up-rising in a mental hospital where our favourite in-breds are being kept under lock and key.  After escaping and committing one of the goriest killings I have seen in a film in quite a long time, the story shifts 30 years or so.

A group of friends are travelling to a log cabin after taking a ‘wrong turn’,  they end up in the mental hospital long since abandoned.  One of their friends hasn’t turned up yet and you know damn well he is probably the first victim.  After the Wrong Turn family decide to pick off one of the friends with yet another grisly method, the hunt is on.  Kill or be killed.

Wrong Turn 4 has probably some of the best on screen deaths in quite a while.  The blood really flows in his one and the in-breds are as sadistic as ever.  There is a small amount of ‘comedy’ involving a stew in one particular killing, but the actual murder is easily one of the brutal I have seen in a long time.  The hospital setting makes a nice change from the woods, although it’s a prequel you know what to expect and returning director (Part 3) Declan O’Brien delivers the goods in a very sick enjoyable way.

Wrong Turn 4 has a paper thin plot, buckets of gore, naked flesh on display and above average thespian skills.  I found it all very entertaining and even at one point I felt a bit uncomfortable watching it, that hasn’t happened in quite some time.  That’s probably the best recommendation I can give.

  • Starring Sean Skene  Dan Skene  Blane Cypurda  
  • Director Declan O’Brien
  • Distributor 20th Century Fox