Monster Brawl


A small time sports promoter gets an idea, why not get the world’s monsters together for a tournament and see who comes out on top.  Word gets out and we have a vast selection of creatures of the night (and day) turning up to find out who’s the toughest.

The film is put together like a wrestling pay per view complete with sarcastic announcers, managers at the ringside and sexy ring girls.  Director Jesse Thomas Cook even ropes in Jimmy ‘Mouth of the South’ Hart and ‘Big Sexy’ himself Kevin Nash for the proceedings as well as UFC referee Herb Dean.  You even get Lance Henriksen as the voice of ‘God’ passing judgement on the fight’s various moves and finishers – think Mortal Kombat (the game, not the film!!).

The monsters are brilliantly executed on screen and range from the gross (Swamp Gut) to the cheesy (Werewolf), the graveyard set is impressive considering the film probably didn’t cost that much and the short films before each fight giving each monster their back story is clever and bloody funny at times.

The fusing of WWE style wrestling and well, monsters is a work of genius and I cannot recommend this film highly enough. However, it could seriously be lost on some people as it is totally bonkers and a bit gory.  Great stuff.

  • Starring Davie Foley  Art Hindle  Jimmy Hart  Kevin Nash
  • Director Jesse Thomas Cook
  • Distributor Momentum Pictures