Night of the Living Dead: Reanimation 3D

Gerald Tovar Jr. has some problems, being that corpses are coming back from the dead and his brother has come to stay.  He also has to contend with sloppy staff and a new mortuary attendant.  As this is a ‘Living Dead’ film it’s not long before we see our first zombie and Gerald dispatches of it with a handy spade all in glorious 3D.

Lets get straight to the point, this is not a sequel or companion piece to Romero’s films but a spin off from director Jeff Broadstreet’s own remake a couple of years ago with Sid Haig.  The tone is completely different to Romero’s films, being that this film is almost a comedy with two great central performances from Andrew (Wishmaster) Divoff and Jeffrey (Reanimator) Combs.  Divoff especially commands the film with a twitchy eccentric performance and somehow manages to play it straight. Combs, on the other hand overacts a bit but it fits right in with the silly premise of the picture.

There is a fair amount of gore on display and the zombie make up is effective.  What’s the 3D like, you ask.  Well considering the film’s low budget it actually works quite well.  There is some good depth perspective and plenty of ‘waving stuff at the camera’ shots.  Its not quite Avatar but then how could it be.  It is also the only film I can recall where one of the characters begins to ‘trip’ and sees a corpse come alive and her colleague gets some loving from it.

The film is far from perfect, but it is quirky and it’s fun spotting all the film references in it.  Don’t go expecting a classic and you be won’t be let down.  Worth 90 minutes of anyone’s time if zombies are your thing.

  • Starring Andrew Divoff  Jeffrey Combs  Denise Duff  Robin Sydney
  • Director Jeff Broadstreet
  • Distributor 101 Films