The 25th Reich


It’s 1943 and five US soldiers are heading for the Australian outback on a secret mission.  They are told they are there to kill some escaped Pumas, but that isn’t the real reason they are there.

To tell you anymore would in fairness spoil the fun.  You can get an idea where the film will be heading at the beginning where you see a flying saucer and the credit sequences features all kinds of Nazi symbols and weird looking spiders.  Suffice to say this isn’t a serious picture.

The Austrialian film makers have made one of the craziest films I have seen in ages.  Hitler and co. have seemed to have made quite an impact on genre cinema lately with Iron Sky and Dead Snow among others fighting for your attention, this film cannot be taken seriously and works all the better for it.  You never quite know what will happen next until the final act when all the pieces fall together and they fall together extremely well in a very over the top way.

What is unusual to see is that the film uses ‘screen wipes’ to move between scenes (a bit like Star Wars) it is used regularly and adds a nice old fashioned film to a very modern CGI filled picture.  Yes, some effects are good and a couple are tragic but its a fun picture and reminded me of that 80’s movie, Zone Troopers.  Silly and entertaining, in fact it’s completely barking mad. A nice addition to the ‘lets make fun of the Nazis’ genre.

  • Starring Serge de Nardo  Jim Knobeloch  Angelo Salamanca
  • Director Stephen Amis
  • Distributor Revolver