Six friends are on a road trip through the backwoods. When they pull in to a gas station, you know they are in for serious trouble as the gas station is ran by ‘Chopper’ played by the immortal Sid Haig.  Chopper and his hillbilly friends tell the men in the party all about the local legend of Grimley.  One of them Oscar convinces his friends they should visit the supposed shack where Grimley lived.

Of course being a horror film and one set in the swamps, things are going to get very unpleasant.  Even before the credits we have a young woman being murdered in a gruesome way.  Creature is full of all the things that make a horror movie fun.  We have blood, gore, nudity and a truly fantastic bad guy (Grimley/Lockjaw).  What’s really nice is that he is a ‘man in a suit’ not some hokey CGI, not that there is nothing wrong with CGI (my life wouldn’t be the same without a Mega Shark or some big snake) but being a physical presence adds a bit more danger when he’s on the rampage.  Actor Daniel Bernhardt  really does a grand job bringing him to life, making up for some dodgy Bloodsport sequels in the past.

This film has been savaged by critics when originally released in the States, but what do you expect Oscar winning acting or a personal journey discovering yourself.  What you want is nasty deaths and a great creature doing the killing, this film has that and more.  Yes, you could say it’s a lot of old crap and stupid, but isn’t that the point?  A most enjoyable experience.

  • Starring Serinda Swan  Mehcad Brooks  Daniel Bernhardt  Sid Haig
  • Director Fred Andrews
  • Distributor Revolver Entertainment