Outpost II: Black Sun


Having tracked down an old Nazi hiding out in South America, Nazi hunter Lena finally gets a clue to where the master war criminal Klausener is and follows the trail to Eastern Europe.  Unfortunately for her she stumbles into the ongoing search for the resurrection machine built during WWII and featured in the first film.

Also on the machine’s trail is scientist Wallace and British Special Forces.  They track down the bunker where the previous film’s cast met their maker and its soon before they bump into Gotz, possibly the creepiest Nazi in the whole of cinema and his undead soldiers.

Packed with action, blood and good performances, Outpost II is a very worthy successor to a very good original film.  The film makers have utlised some fantastic locations in Scotland, it is well directed (by Steve Barker) and the whole production is incredibly polished.  Its also nice to have a rousing musical score and very well done surround effects.

Outpost II: Black Sun is first class entertainment and proof that there’s still life in the undead Nazi movie.  The film makers should give themselves a big pat on the back as they have produced something quite special, a sequel that is equally worthy of it’s predecessor.

  • Starring Catherine Steadman  Richard Coyle  Johnny Meres
  • Director Steve Barker
  • Distributor Lionsgate