The Reverend


Our story begins with a meeting of two mysterious strangers played by genre legends Rutger Hauer and Giovanni Lombardo Radice then we cut to a young Reverend starting at a new parish.

The ‘village’ as it is called borders a city estate rife with crime, the Reverend meets local landlord Harold Hicks played with great gusto by Tamer Hassan and is given a friendly warning to stay away from the estate and the people who live there. However the Reverend has been already bit by a blonde woman who burned up before him and begins to feel slightly strange….

Rest assured it is all part of a master plan for the Reverend to rid the area of scumbags and soon he is clearing up the rubbish who include Alfie Moon himself from Eastenders, Shane Richie.  Along the way the Reverend rescues a local prostitute who he meets at a film club and despatches one of her clients as he tends to get violent with her.

The Reverend is an interesting film, because amongst all the carnage it actually has a damn good story based around the Book of Job from the Bible.  The Reverend himself is played brilliantly by Stuart Brennan who leads a stellar cast including the actors I mentioned above as well as the lovely Emily Booth and Doug ‘Pinhead’ Bradley.

It’s really refreshing to have a horror film which gives us a new take on the vampire legend but also gives us a decent plot as well.  We should commend everyone involved in making this tremendous picture and I hope the Reverend returns.  Great stuff all round.

  • Starring Stuart Brennan  Emily Booth  Tamer Hassan
  • Director Neil Jones
  • Distributor Metrodrome