Puppet Master


Andre Toulon is a puppet maker and having found a way to bring them to life has been made the target of German spies. Toulon commits suicide and hides his beloved puppets.  Many years later, the hotel where Toulon dies is being renovated. The husband of the owner also has killed himself and his psychic friends are drawn to the hotel where they are met by his widow.

All the psychics except perhaps Alex (Paul LeMat with the best mullet haircut ever) are pretty loathsome and soon they become the target of Toulon’s puppets who have been resurrected. The puppets themselves are damn creepy especially the Leech Woman who spews our leeches, but my favourite is Blade who despatches people with his trusty knife and hook.  David Allen’s stop motion effects are still impressive today and all the puppet’s designs are like I said above creepy, well designed and at times sadistic.

I remember seeing Puppet Master back around the beginning of the nineties on the EiV label in a big white box.  A couple of years later I bought it on the old ‘4 play’ budget label.  That VHS I still have in my collection and a year or so ago I picked the film up on DVD.  The print on that DVD wasn’t that great but it was nice to have this little classic on disc.  This sexy new remastered version really is quite something with a terrific 5.1 soundtrack and  a very nice widescreen picture on the bluray version (the DVD uses the same master).  With the original ‘making of’ doc, an introduction from Charles Band and other goodies, Puppet Master has come back with a bang and makes a nice addition to any horror fan’s collection.

  • Starring Paul LeMat  William Hickey  Barbara Crampton  Irene Miracle
  • Director David Schmoeller
  • Distributor 88 Films