During some of the worst weather on record, a lone transatlantic flight leaves the UK bound for New York.  On board is a top secret package delivered on to the plane by veteran actor Julian Glover.  As the plane takes off and settles into the flight, people begin to go missing.  Starting first with an annoying geography teacher and a couple who have just joined ‘The Mile High Club’.

The passengers begin to get stressed and turn on each other, leaving the flight attendants led by Gemma Atkinson to try and keep the peace.  On board are a couple of soldiers, one of them discovers the dead bodies and the fun really begins.

Full of bad language especially from Alan Ford in one of his patented fowl mouthed cockney old boy routines and plenty of blood, Airborne isn’t quite the film you would expect when the credits finally roll.  Director Dominic Burns does great things with what I would imagine is a limited budget and isn’t afraid to kill off cast members you wouldn’t expect.

Let’s sum it all up shall we?  Blood, action, pretty good CGI, a bit of a silly plot (who cares) and some toplessness – sorry guys it’s not the lovely Gemma but the young lady in question is pretty hot.  Ignore some of the reviews elsewhere, it is a bit stupid but who cares, it’s pure escapism and Luke Skywalker is bloody in it!!

  • Starring Gemma Atkinson  Mark Hamill  Simon Phillips
  • Director Dominic Burns
  • Distributor Chelsea Films