Devil Riders aka Poker Run


When two lawyer friends decide to take a ride down America’s famous Route 66, they get more than they bargained for when they buy two Harleys off of Ray and Billy.  You see Ray and Billy are two murdering biker psychos who kidnap the lawyer’s wives and draw them into a twisted game of cat and mouse where they have to complete Ray’s dirty work to get their wives back.

Devil Riders is one mean movie, full of nasty violence and bad language. The two main bad guys are suitably evil and have no issues carrying out the most horrible of actions.  Ray, in particular for a nutter is very cool and looks like he stepped out from a spaghetti western.  The desert is used well in the motorcycle scenes with some nice views of sweeping landscapes and we get to visit sleazy motels and dodgy biker bars along the way.  Also, one of the bikers in one bar has the most fantastic beard, probably on par with Father Christmas.

As I mentioned above the film is full of sickening violence and is pretty relentless.  Even before the credits we have buckets of blood and a particularly unpleasant assault.  Recommended for all of you who likes a film full of violence but some of it is really nasty so be warned.  I rather enjoyed it, it’s certainly not original but speeds along nicely and doesn’t outstay its welcome.

  • Starring Robert Thorne  Jasmine Waltz  Bertie Higgins  Jay Wisell
  • Director Julian Higgins
  • Distributor 101 Films