House of the Rising Sun


Disgraced former cop, Ray Shane works security for a local crime family but when the club he works at is raided and $300,000 is stolen along with killing of his boss’ son, Ray has to find out who is behind it.  Utlising his old contact within the police Ray is drawn into a series of murders and general shady going-ons all put together by his boss’ right hand man, who wants to be top dog in the ‘family’.

Based on a novel, the film is a pleasant departure for an ex wrestler turned actor (this time being Dave Bautista).  Usually for films starring ex or current wrestlers they are jam packed with action to cover for the main star’s lack of thespian skills. This film is peppered with some action and has actually a story, there you go that’s something new.  Saying that though, I can’t honestly say there hasn’t been a film from the WWE stable or elsewhere I haven’t enjoyed in some shape or form.  Bautista (Batista in the WWE) plays Shane as a mean and moody man on the edge, looking very cool in his winter coat and woolly hat.  The film was shot in Michigan and the snow in various scenes adds a nice change of scenery rather than drab ghettos or some random Eastern European country usually reserved for direct to DVD productions.  It must have also been shot around December time as some Christmas trees crop up in shots a few times. 

There are a few good fight scenes with Big Dave kicking some ass and Bautista actually ‘acts’ in the film and does a pretty good job.  The cast is rounded off with Craig Fairbrass, Amy Smart and the immortal Danny Trejo (playing another sleazy gangster type – I love this guy!) in a fun cameo all doing well backing up him up in the thesping stakes.

House of the Rising Sun is a decent time waster and shows if he wants to, Bautista can have a nice little career in the movies.  In fact why doesn’t some enterprising producer put him and Stone Cold in a film.  Can you imagine that, two hard asses after the bad guy who killed their families.  Throw in a veteran bad guy, say Lance Henriksen or even Trejo again and you have got pure B movie action heaven!!

  • Starring Dave Bautista  Amy Smart  Danny Trejo  Amy Smart
  • Director Brian Miller
  • Distributor Momentum Pictures