The Dead Want Women


Hollywood in the 1920’s Rose Pettigrew is the biggest star around.  Unfortunately ‘talkies’ have arrived and the studio can’t stand the sound of Rose’s voice. As one would expect Rose is not happy. When the news is broken by her agent of her firing, she kills him along with her creepy actor friends led by Eric Roberts looking very happy his agent got him this gig.

Fast forward to the modern day and two friends finally manage to sell Rose’s house through their real estate company to a mystery buyer.  Having to clean the house up, the two friends awake the ghosts of the house and as they’re dead they want women!!

This film is immensely entertaining, no doubt about it.  The over acting on display is tremendous and the two main leads are more than pleasant on the eye.  Eric Roberts adding a bit of star quality to Charles Band’s B movie epic like I said, is great. The actress playing Rose (Jean-Louise Sullivan) portrays her a right heartless bitch and the cast is rounded off by her two pervy friends who are obviously very impressed by the amount of on screen loving the script has given them.

As the title suggests, this movie is a little bit grubby (terrific) and certainly not for the kids, due to the large amount of rude bits. Personally I found it all very entertaining and is one movie I shall have no issues watching it again (and maybe again?) It’s short, snappy and sleazy.  If that doesn’t sell you on this picture, nothing will.  Let hope the Dead returns still wanting women, how about it, Mr Band?

  • Starring  Jessica Morris  Ariana Madix  Eric Roberts
  • Director Charles Band
  • Distributor 88 Films