Bikini Spring Break


Thanks to unforseen circumstances where a video camera manages to film some of them topless, a college band get invited to the national finals.  Some of them cannot afford the plane ride to Florida so a group of them borrow the school bus and take the extremely long ride to the sunshine state.

Due to a mishap, the bus breaks down and the band are stuck hundreds of miles from their destination in a town which is about to experience that all-American tradition Spring Break.

The T&A comedy genre is jam packed with loads of these movies, all you really need is some crazy guys, good looking girls who have issues stripping off and comedy stereotypes.  This movie has the girls and thats about it, I’m afraid.  The guys in the movie apart from Nerds legend Robert Carradine playing their teacher are pretty useless.  Stereotypes, wise there is a badly acting strip club owner and the Dean is quite entertaining but that’s about it.

The flm just about scrapes by as time wasting entertainment and I do mean scrapes by.  There are a few laugh out loud moments but I have seen it all before.  The Spring Break tradition is a little lost on me as we don’t celebrate such things in England so maybe to my American friends it would be more entertaining.  To the film’s credit though, there is lots of nudity and a nice car wash scene, why don’t they look like that at my local car wash?

File under watched, but soon forgotten.  The Asylum dudes have made better T&A comedy so better luck next time, but as a film it’s just about OK.

  • Starring Rachel Alig  Robert Carradine  Virginia Petrucci  Samatha Stewart
  • Director Jared Cohn
  • Distributor The Asylum