Alien Origin


When a news team and a group of soldiers go missing in the jungle, the only clues left behind is a selection of videos from the team’s various media sources.

When the team get the news that a British scientist and his American assistant are missing they go in search of them.  What they find is certainly a bit more than your average news story.  The scientist deep in the mountains has found evidence of a new kind of human species.

It seems a month doesn’t go by when we aren’t being blessed with ‘found footage’ of some random bunch of people’s last days, before their demise is caught on video.  Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity certainly have a lot to answer for.  The Asylum are more guilty than others for churning out these type of flicks.  Some are good, some not so good.

Alien Origin falls into the ‘not too bad’ category.  It’s incredibly well edited and put together by regular Asylum inmate, Mark Atkins.  It mixes all kind of media together and there are some ‘Aliens’ type footage from the soldier’s point of view.  Once again the film makers have travelled to Belize and utilize the locations well.  I just wish The Asylum would do some more Creature pictures there. Atkins is a dab hand at these, give that man some CGI dinosaurs.

If you like this type of movie go for it, but be warned not much happens until around the hour mark.  It did pass the time but I would prefer the effort and money being put into ‘proper’ films.  Whether you like The Asylum or not, they do know how to blow things up and kill people in lots of different ways.  Pop it in the box of not bad but nothing to get excited about.

  • Distributor The Asylum