American Warships aka American Battleship


The USS Iowa is on its final voyage before being docked to become a museum.  At the same time around the waters of North and South Korea an American ship gets destroyed by an unseen force.

The Iowa changes its course and sets sail to discover what has happened to their fallen comrades.  Unfortunately for them and countless others, the unseen force are aliens and anyone who gets near their ships bite the dust in spectacular style.

After the Iowa loses all its modern day electronic equipment, its up to Captain Winston (Mario Van Peebles) and his crew to make all the pre 1945 equipment on board to work and try and save the world.  Its not helped that the USA, China and North Korea are all blaming each other for the attacks and World War III could soon break out.

This film has quite an interesting history which I shall not repeat here, but suffice to say there are plenty of accounts elsewhere stating how upset Universal were with this film.  Yes, it does share a few plot points with Peter Berg’s huge budget action pic, but where his picture has Taylor Kitsch, this film has Carl (Apollo Creed, Action Jackson, Chubs from Happy Gilmore) Weathers, no competition at all really.

The film has got plenty of action, some good and bad CGI, lots of nicely edited stock navy footage, good to bad acting and creepy floaty aliens.  Its just as much fun (i.e. cheesy as hell) as a certain bigger budget film and to be fair if you get them mixed up, you really should give yourself a slap.

  • Starring Carl Weathers  Mario Van Peebles  Johanna Watts
  • Director Thunder Levin (Possibly the best name for a director in the world)
  • Distributor The Asylum (US)  Point Blank (UK)