License to Drive

Les Anderson has a problem.  That problem is that he hasn’t a driving licence (not ‘license’ my American friends) but his friends think Les has just got one and also the school’s hottest babe, Mercedes Lane (Heather Graham in an early role) has agreed to go on a date with him.  So what does Les do?   he borrows his Grandfather’s beloved Cadillac and hits the town.  A comedy with an uninsured driver, how dreadfully irresponsible!!
Cue a night of silly comedy and teenage 80’s style hijinks (taking lewd photos of a very drunk Graham) The two Coreys (Haim and Feldman) once again work well together.  The film however is completely stolen by Les’ parents Carol Kane and Richard Masur who are simply hysterical.  However, the biggest laughs from the movie come from the driving instructor James Avery (you may remember him from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) who is totally priceless as he takes Les out on his test.
License to Drive has aged a bit due to some dodgy fashion and 80’s tunes (witness the ghastly Beatles cover over the opening credits).  It is however still very funny, touching and a crime its only just coming out on DVD here in the UK (Anchor Bay released it a few years ago in the US).
Another old ‘un for the collection and even if you don’t even know who the two Coreys are, pick it up. I can assure you, you will laugh a lot.  The film is a fine example that the late Mr Haim was taken from us way too early.
  • Starring Corey Feldman  Corey Haim  Heather Graham  
  • Director Greg Beeman
  • Distributor Second Sight