Ryan Varrett is an ex-cop turned vigilante who we first meet with his hands round a scumbag’s throat.  Dropping him down a cliff to his death sets the scene for the WWE wrestling legend’s latest action picture.

Varrett travels to the small town of Hope in search of a rapist.  Unfortunately the rapist’s brother is none other than Danny Trejo in one of his nastiest roles yet.  Trejo’s character Drayke rules the town with the help of his biker goons running guns and drugs. Varrett soon upsets the gang and we are then treated to almost non stop violence for the rest of the film.  Staying at the local hotel ran by the rather attractive Serinda Swan (google her) Varrett has no time for loving as he is far too busy hurting people.

Recoil is great fun for those who like a basic plot, loads of swearing and plenty of violence.  Austin has his on screen persona of an ass kicker completely nailed and with his next picture he shares the screen with the action god Steven Seagal, now that’s one hell of a tag team (yes, I did have to get one wrestling joke in, hell yeah!!)

  • Starring Steve Austin  Danny Trejo  Lochlyn Munro
  • Director Terry Miles
  • Distributor E1 Entertainment