Castle Freak


In 1995 Charles Band’s Full Moon Entertainment reunited two of From Beyond and Re-animator’s stars (Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton) and it’s director Stuart Gordon to make a gothic chiller in Italy.

John Reilly inherits a family castle and moves there with his family.  All seems well except for the weird noises and strange goings-on.  With this being a horror film and a damn good one at that, something sinister is afoot especially when bodies start turning up.

The title of the film gives you some idea what it is all about, but don’t let the hokey title put you off.  This film is not a mundane horror film by any means.  Director Gordon has atmosphere literally dripping off the screen and once again gets two great performances from Combs and Crampton, who should have much bigger careers than they do.  The freak is also dreadfully unpleasant and a terrific achievement for the make up department.

I must mention the actual setting of the picture, which is a genuine castle owned by Full Moon’s Charles Band.  Having a real location adds untold riches to the look of the film and gives it a nice ‘epic’ feel for what is obviously a fairly low’ish budget film.

Castle Freak is certainly still a great film today as it was back in the 90’s.  Whether or not modern audiences will take to it is another matter, but it’s their loss if they don’t.  Nicely re-mastered for the 21st Century by 88 Films, this freak is one person worth paying a visit to.

  • Starring Jeffrey Combs  Barbara Crampton  Jonathan Fuller
  • Director Stuart Gordon
  • Distributor 88 Films