Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies


In the middle of the American Civil War President Lincoln learns of an unusual outbreak at a fort.  Soldiers and locals are infected with some kind of virus.  The President has an idea what’s going on, so he and a group of secret agents travel to the fort.

The virus is an outbreak of the living dead, Abe knows all about zombies (which is revealed at the beginning of the film) so he hatches a plan to dispatch the zombies.

Along the way he is assisted by various historical characters including Pat Garrett, Teddy Roosevelt and various disposable extras who all join in the carnage.  Abe is incredibly adept at killing the dead and he does so in quick and lethal fashion.  This President doesn’t mess around he just kicks some undead ass!!

Bill Oberst, Jr. is terrific as Lincoln and plays his role dead straight with just a slight wink at the audience as he knows it’s all very silly and unrealistic.  The blood runs in rivers but there is an absent of any real gore apart from some beheadings, so if anything the film is a campy entertaining action picture.

It’s the best Asylum film in ages and it’s all looks a lot more expensive then the guys probably spent on it. I personally also liked the washed out monochrome’ish look of the film which adds a nice bit of atmosphere.  Historically dodgy (obviously) but a real laugh and a damn good ending.

  • Starring Bill Oberst, Jr.  Jason Vail  Don McGraw
  • Director Richard Schlenkman
  • Distributor The Asylum