The Divide


A nuclear explosion hits New York and in the panic some survivors find their way into an underground basement of their apartment building.  This all happens in the first couple of minutes of the movie and then the story starts to unfold.

Mickey played by Michael Biehn is the apartment block’s caretaker and has used his basement to build a bunker.  It unravels as the film progresses he is a 9/11 survivor and therefore has built it himself for survival if the occassion arises.

The people who find their way into Mickey’s domain are a mixed bunch, but it is soon apparent to them that where they are, all is not what it seems.  To survive not only do they have to follow Mickey’s ‘rules’ but also commit some pretty unspeakable acts.

The Divide is a well acted piece where the claustrophobic setting works superbly.  All the performances in the film are believable and there are some good plot turns and twists.  The film is violent, very dark, bleak and depressing.  It is however, a great piece of cinema and throughly recommended but remember it’s not a ‘happy’ film.

  • Starring Michael Biehn  Lauren German  Rosanna Arquette
  • Director Xavier Gens
  • Distributor Momentum Pictures