Zoltan Hound of Dracula aka Dracula’s Dog

When an underground crypt is accidentally unsealed, the entire Dracula family is revealed in their coffins.  However in this movie, you don’t get the Count himself but his dog!!

Years before, Dracula (as a bat) bites the local Innkeepers dog, therefore making it a vampire.  His master played by possibly the creepiest looking guy in cinema Reggie Nalder (Salems Lot) gets turned also.  Back in modern times, we travel over to America where a psychiatrist and his family along with their dogs are going away on a camping trip.

The Innkeeper with Zoltan in tow travel to the States as they have discovered that the psychiatrist Michael Drake is the last living decendant of Dracula, hoping to resurrect the vampire line.

To say this film is bonkers is an under statement.  Zoltan the dog has his own coffin which had me in fits of laughter but when the plot churns out vampire puppies escaping from the grave, you know that the makers of this film are firmly planting the fangs in cheek.

Derided by critics (look at the iMDB score) Zoltan Hound of Dracula is, in my opinion a bit of a ‘lost classic’.  It is really quite terrible but there is something about it that I find quite endearing and charming.  Perhaps I’m losing the plot or maybe I’m possessed by Zoltan?

  • Starring Michael Pataki  Jose Ferrer  Reggie Nalder
  • Director Albert Band
  • Distributor Studio Canal / Optimum