Nazis at the Center of the Earth

Whilst carrying out an experiment in the Antarctic ice, two scientists are kidnapped by strange gas mask wearing soldiers. When their colleagues back at the base discover they are missing they set out to find them.  The rescue party are led by Dr. Reistad (Jake Busey) and soon discover an entrance which leads to a valley deep in the earth where Nazis are carrying out experiments to bring about a new reich.  
The Nazis are led by Dr Josef Mengele who explains that he escaped the allies during the war by regenerating  himself. Mengele soon starts to experiment on his captives by doing all sorts of unspeakable acts in various nasty ways.
This film has possibly one of the craziest titles in the history of cinema.  It is totally ridiculous and gets sillier as it goes on.  The film can also be rather unpleasant at times and horror films featuring Nazis and in particular Mengele is perhaps bordering on bad taste.  It is however a modern day exploitation picture and does figure two wonderfully over the top and manic performances from Busey and Christopher Karl Johnson as Mengele.
It also features the one of the maddest plot twists I have ever seen which has to be seen to be believed.  
The Asylum have amped the gore up on this one and although not one of their best you can’t really comment on it unless you see it.  Thumbs up for producer Paul Bales for writing something this stupid and passing an hour and a half of my time.  Can I recommend it?  Read the review above, watch the trailer and make your own mind up.  It was entertaining, but for ALL the wrong reasons.
  • Starring Jake Busey  Dominique Swain  Josh Allen
  • Director Joseph J. Lawson
  • Distributor The Asylum