Strippers vs. Werewolves


During the history of cinema there have been films that have changed the thinking of a generation, films featuring good old fashioned family values and ones which feature blood, boobs and bad language.  I wonder what category this film falls into?

Justice played by Emmerdale’s Adele Silva accidentally kills Mickey (Martin Kemp) who is a werewolf during a private dance. After the local wolf pack work out that Mickey is dead, they set out to find who was responsible.  Led by the immortal Billy Murray (The Bill, Eastenders and that lawyers advert on TV) they start to track down and kill anyone who gets in their path.

The strippers soon realise that they must fight to the death….

Stripper vs. Werewolves is completely barking mad (pun intended) totally silly and over the top.  The title does slightly give it away what the film is about, so you should have some idea if it would appeal to your cinematic tastes.  I must also mention that the film has some really nice creative editing and screen wipes along with good use of split screen work.  I thoughly enjoyed it for the nonsense it is and I really do love the dopey werewolf make up.

  • Starring Robert Englund  Adele Silva  Ali Bastian  Billy Murray  Alan Ford  
  • Director Jonathan Glendening
  • Distributor Kaleidoscope