Sometimes They Come Back


Life can be a strange as we all know, I have read Stephen King books for years but for some reason this film and the story it’s based on slipped past me.  So having the chance to look at it over twenty years after it was made seemed a nice opportunity not to turn down…..

Jim Norman returns to his home town after many years to start work as a teacher at the local high school.  Jim’s family left after the death of his older brother and that event has haunted Jim since that fateful day.  Almost as soon as he moves into his new home with his wife and son, Jim starts getting weird flashbacks. This isn’t helped by the fact that his new class aren’t the best behaved in particular football jock, Chip.

When a new boy joins his class who is the spitting image of one of the boys involved in his brother’s death, the weirdness gets weirder and people star dying.

This film is a nice slow burner with some good performances from the leads Tim Matheson sporting a fantastic mullet and Brooke Adams playing his wife.  Not really a horror film, more a thriller with some blood and guts.  I still can’t remember why I missed it back in 1991 but I am glad I’ve seen it now.

  • Starring Tim Matheson  Robert Rusler  Brooke Adams  William Sanderson
  • Director Tom McLoughlin
  • Distributor Second Sight