Raid on Entebbe


Now here’s a real classic.  To be fair anything with Charles Bronson always gets my thumbs up, as I still believe along with Clint Eastwood he was the best hard man in modern day cinema.  This of course would come to a shock to people who know me as a worshipper of all things that is Steven Seagal.

Anyway, Raid on Entebbe is the story of hostages held on an Air France plane in which commandoes rescue them when the plane was stranded in Uganda.  For those who know their history know that Uganda back in the 70’s was a scary place thanks to their dictator Idi Amin who had an appalling record on human rights.

Made originally for television by the legendary Irvin Kershner who would in a couple of years make a little film called The Empire Strieks Back, it was shown on US TV and then Fox wisely decided to shown it at cinemas across the world.  The cast is full of first class thespians, Bronson I’ve mentioned but also showing up are Peter Finch, Yaphet Kotto, John Saxon and Robert Loggia.

Not knowing the real history of the events, I did enjoy it. Whether it’s close to the actual events I don’t know, what I can tell you it’s a great ‘blokes’ film and one to stand proudly amongst Wild Geese, Sea Wolves and Escape to Victory.

  • Starring Charles Bronson  Yaphet Kotto  Jack Warden
  • Director Irvin Kershner
  • Distributor Second Sight