Jabberwock: Dragon Siege


Francis is a Blacksmith quietly plying his trade when his brother Alec comes back to their village after his travels as a warrior. Around the same time a stranger named Cid (a character who you so want to die horribly as he is that annoying) staggers into the village after surviving an attack from a mythical beast called the ‘Jabberwock’.  The creature soon attacks the village after tracking down Cid and makes off with Jocelyn, sister of Anabel who is secretly in love with Francis.

A small band of village locals head off to rescue Jocelyn and kill the Jabberwock, however not all goes to plan and the hunters become the hunted.

Jabberwock is your standard SyFy Channel movie with some good and some bad CGI.  The eastern European locations used add a touch of class to the proceedings.  The cast are your usual mix of US, Canadian and British actors who all try and succeed with varying success to make sense of all the silly goings-on.

Certainly a departure from director Steven R. Monroe who remade I Spit on your Grave, but he did helm the crazy Mongolian Death Worm reviewed elsewhere on this site.  Not too bad at all and great fun for those who like ‘dragon’ type pictures, although a bit bloody for younger ones (however they will probably love it!!)

Not a film to change the world but then it’s not one to end it, either.

  • Starring Tahmoh Penikett  Kacey Barnfield  Steven Waddington
  • Director Stephen R. Monroe
  • Distributor Chelsea Films