The Watermen


When rich kid Trailor (Jason Mewes) invites his two buddies and three girls for a trip on his luxury yacht, you know things aren’t gonna go to plan especially after they meet the ‘locals’ led by that great character actor Richard Riehle you may remember as Deuce Bigelow’s Dad.

The film’s first 20 minutes or so sets the scene as Trailor is a complete animal who spies on the girls when they are changing on his boat and flashes on webcams.  His buddies are two brothers and the girls are along for the ride to perform some topless scenes, scream and not much else.  There is however a little backstory involving one of the girls and one of Trailor’s pals.

Once the boat breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the action hots up and they are pursued by the sinister Watermen.  You know the Watermen aren’t very nice as they wear their hoods up, speak in a strange manner and look like the second cousins of The Hill Have Eyes People and the Wrong Turn in-breds.  Their ‘look’ is great and as I love a good movie in-bred, I enjoyed their screen presence.

As soon as Trailor is hacked up, the movie becomes once long chase sequence with some sadistic goings on thrown in for good measure.  The acting in particular from the girls is a little forced but Mewes is fun playing another version of ‘Jay’ from Kevin Smith’s films supplying the film’s low brow humour and the Watermen themselves are terrific.

For a low budget horror, the production values are good and if you like this type of picture it’s well worth the time.  It’s nothing groundbreaking but I would like to see the Watermen return perhaps with a higher budget, a better cast and less set-up and more action.

  • Starring Jason Mewes  Richard Riehle  Tyler Johnson
  • Director Matt Lockhart
  • Distributor Chelsea Films