Air Collision


ACAT is the new computer system protecting the nation and as per the norm in disaster flicks, it malfunctions and satelites start falling from the sky.  That’s bad enough, but the system also corrupts Air Force One with the President on board and puts the plane on a route straight into the path of a passenger jet.

Only crusty old controller Bob (Reginald Vel Johnson from Die Hard) and a scientist colleague can save the day. On board the passenger liner is Jordan Ladd from Cabin Fever as a flight attendant trying to remain calm in the crisis and dealing with various passengers with all kinds of acting talents.

Air Collision is basically a modern day 1970’s disaster picture.  In fact you could call it ‘Airport 2012’.  The film is packed full of special effects some good, a few not too bad but plenty of destruction and random deaths amongst extras.  The only thing missing seems to be a nun in a film packed with disaster cliches.

Good entertaining nonsense, very predictable but a nice addition to a genre sadly neglected these days.  Although watching it I did keep thinking Leslie Nielsen and and the blow up automatic pilot might show up.

Well done to The Asylum and director Liz Adams who have certainly pulled off a minor miracle with the film looking much more expensive then it probably cost.

  • Starring Jordan Ladd  Reginald Vel Johnson  Gerald Webb
  • Director Liz Adams
  • Distributor The Asylum