Four friends embark on a trip into the country to make a documentary.  There you have it, the premise for the latest ‘fake doc/found footage’ film.

Borrowing a friend’s RV they set up camp and all seems well until weird things start to happen…  Strange noises and then a scary beardy fellow turns up at their camp fire.

I must be fair the beginning of the film started to get on my nerves and I was quite bored as it featured the characters swearing and mainly bitching at each other.  Then with a struck of genius the films turns right around and seriously starts playing with your head.  I did like the fact that the filming camera is used for the main light, this in turn shows us a lot of the film’s events.  Also, as a lot of ‘fake footage’ movies rip off Blair Witch especially if set in the country and obviously Evidence is at times no different.  I did however like the plot turns in particular the final act which I didn’t expect at all.

All in all, a nice addition to the genre and a lot better than others out there, but if this type of film doesn’t do much for you it won’t convert or maybe it would.  Oh yes one more thing, watch all the credits.

  • Starring Ryan McCoy  Brett Rosenberg  Abigail Richie  Ashley Bracken
  • Director Howie Atkins
  • Distributor Showbox