Fright Night (2011)


The remake train continues to move along in Hollywood and now its the turn of a real 80’s classic getting a slick 21st Century makeover.

Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) is a normal kid with an extremely hot girlfriend named Amy.  In fact he can’t believe his luck as he ignore’s his ex best friend Ed’s (McLovin himself!!) warning that his next door neighbour is a vampire.  When Charley finally accepts his neighbour Jerry (Colin Farrell) is a vamp, he goes to enlist the help of Las Vegas showman and alleged vampire expert Peter Vincent.  Vincent however is a total con and is more interested drinking and leering after women.  Replacing the immortal Roddy McDowall from the original is Dr Who himself David Tennant who is a million miles away from the good Doctor and clearly having a ball.

When Jerry turns Amy, Charley races against time to save her soul.  Seeing he’s already failed saving the stripper who lives opposite him, the odds are stacked against him.

The new version of Fright Night retains the basic premise of the original but gives it some good new twists and character changes thanks to the pen of Buffy scribe, Marti Noxon.  The cast in particular the three male leads are great and the 3D effects (if you have a TV for this) are composed very well with good depth.  The usual CGI and make up effects also work well and all in all it’s a very enjoyable romp.

Here’s hoping we see a Blu ray release of the original and the vastly underrated sequel.

  • Starring Colin Farrell  Anton Yelchin  Toni Collette  Imogen Poots  David Tennant
  • Director Craig Gillespie
  • Distributor Touchstone/Dreamworks Pictures