Celebrity Sex Tape


A bunch of college nerds manage to get themselves invited to a swish Hollywood party, whilst there one of them has sex with a Z list actress and is filmed doing it on a mobile phone.  Not the most interesting of plots for a comedy, but stick with me. The actress christens the college dweeb ‘Sex Ed’ and when his pervy roommate sets up a website with the afore mentioned phone footage he becomes an internet sensation.

Soon every minor league and washed up starlet wants to resurrect her career with the help of the college friends.  Enter a sleazy Hollywood manager and a porno kingpin who all want a piece of the action.
Celebrity Sex Tape features huge amounts of female nudity, swearing, dubious sound effects and general all round smutty humour.  Honestly it’s a load of nonsense, but it is funny and has some great characters.
One for the lads and perhaps not one to take round to your girl’s house with a bottle of wine.  You might just get that bottle smashed over your head.
Finally the film features a credits sequence that completely rips off ‘Superman Returns’.  Why this is I do not know, perhaps The Asylum are trying out their new credits computer software?
  • Starring Jack Cullison  Jonathan Brett  Emily Addison
  • Director Scott Wheeler
  • Distributor The Asylum