2 Headed Shark Attack


Well after a couple of Mega Shark movies and a Mega Piranha epic, The Asylum turn their talents to a two headed shark?? Without a doubt, possibly their most bonkers and gormless film yet.

On a sea faring trip, a bunch of college students are marooned on an atoll which begins to sink.  That’s bad enough but unfortunately for them a killer shark is on the prowl.  The Captain of the ship and his wife try to lead the students to safety but one by one they are picked of by the shark.  Having two heads is dead handy (pun intended) for the killer fish and takes great pride with the slaughter including water skiers and topless co-eds.

The acting at far times is woeful but the main leads (Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan) aren’t bad and it’s terrific to see another O’Connell brother (Charlie) getting killed by another creature from the sea like his brother Jerry in Piranha 3D.  Thankfully for Charlie he doesn’t lose his ‘John Thomas’ like Jerry did.  Also thrown in as well, is a pointless swimsuit sunbathing sequence featuring Ms. Electra.  This has no meaning to the plot whatsoever but I enjoyed it.

The CGI shark is effective and the close up rubber version isn’t too bad.  The blood runs in rivers and there are plenty of detached limbs as well so if you like your creature pics gruesome this one should satisfy you.

All in all, very entertaining…..stupid but entertaining.  A sequel would be fun.  How about 2 Headed Shark vs. Mega Piranhas.  I’m sure Paul Logan would kick the shark’s ass!!!

  • Starring Charlie O’Connell  Carmen Electra  Brooke Hogan
  • Director Christopher Douglas Olen-Ray
  • Distributor The Asylum