2012: Zombie Apocalypse


Well, well, well another living dead picture.  With The Walking Dead and George Romero making films again our shuffling friends have seen a real comeback to the world of cinema.

Of course these days zombies either run like athletes or shuffle around, these flesh eating fiends are somewhat in the middle and a few of them have developed some intelligence.  Story-wise, a virus has engulfed the world and there are pockets of survivors struggling to survive.

Not that original but who cares when this film features a crazy amount of zombie slaughter.  What is also very cool is that Ving Rhames returns in another zombie picture.  Ving once again plays a hard ass who uses a sledge hammer to ‘off’ the dead and the question is now, when will Ving crop up again fighting more of the dead in another movie?

It’s almost 90 minutes of a rag tag band of survivors being chased and with SyFy no doubt throwing a few dollars at The Asylum there are some very impressive effects at the beginning and some nice digital matte work throughout the film.

Overall, fun and violent… a nice pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

  • Starring Ving Rhames  Lesley-Ann Brandt  Taryn Manning
  • Director Nick Lyon
  • Distributor The Asylum