Born Bad


Brooke Duncan’s parents have divorced and as things aren’t great with her Mother she moves in with her Father, Step Mother and Step Brother.  Brooke being a typical teenager is resentful and bitter, so sneaks out with a friend to a local bar where she meets Denny.

Denny has some great cheesy chat up lines and Brooke is smitten.  Soon enough he gets his feet under the table in the Duncan household, but something is not quite right with him….

Michael Welch from the Twilight films really excels here and is clearly enjoying playing one seriously twisted and sick young man.  Before the credits even roll, he’s raped and murdered one young girl and buries her out in the woods.  What follows is your standard psycho boyfriend movie but the film has some good performances from the rest of cast in particular Meredith Monroe as Brooke’s Step Mother.  Yes it is somewhat predictable but aren’t all these types of films?

Good stuff overall and a departure from the usual fare from The Asylum.  Don’t worry though, there is still plenty of violence and some boobs on display.  Although it’s all rather similar to ‘Fear’ with Mark Wahlberg.

  • Starring Michael Welch  Bonnie Dennison  Meredith Monroe  David Chokachi
  • Director Jared Cohn
  • Distributor The Asylum