Night Caller


Now I would be the first to admit that I have never heard of this film before I heard of it’s release in an all new remastered version from Reknown Pictures.  With it’s title I automatically thought it would be some kind of suspense thriller with perhaps a murderer on the loose, how wrong could I be.

It’s a good old fashioned British B Movie with an imported American star (John Saxon) in which scary alien types start taking girls after one escapes from our capture.  It’s all done very much on the cheap but it has a terrific heart and soul to it and is most enjoyable.  It’s all very 1960’s with a groovy soundtrack and I personally liked some of the photography, I can’t really describe it.  It just really set up the mood of the film.

Apart from Saxon, the cast are rounded out with great British Character actors Warren (Alf Garnett) Mitchell, Marianne (Carry On films) Stone, Patricia (Michael Caine’s first wife) Haines and the Major himself from Fawlty Towers, Ballard Berkeley.  The director John Gilling shortly after went on to work for Hammer films.

The DVD has two versions of the picture on it, one a colourised version and the other the original black and white.  The choice is yours, I watched it in black and white as I personally hate colourised films.  I had a quick look at the colourised version and it looked alright but it’s not my cup of tea.

All in all, a great little film from days gone by, if you like 60’s sci fi you will really dig this one, I did.

Starring John Saxon  Maurice Denham  Alfred Burke
Director John Gilling
Distributor Reknown Pictures