Life in Danger / Cover Girl Killer


I do like the idea of double features, I always have.  I was lucky to be a kid in the 1970’s where double features were the norm.  I can remember seeing Spiderman with Nicholas Hammond and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger with my Dad.  Also as a teenager going to see a double bill of Top Gun and Pretty in Pink.  DVD is ideal for double features even if they are both B support features from 1959 which these two are.

Life in Danger is the story of a young fella who finds himself trapped in a hay loft with the local farmer’s daughter who hates her home life and wants to run away.  The local mental hospital has also just had a break out and the locals are scared.  Is this young man the escaped mental patient or is he just a chap out looking for casual work?   The locals jump to conclusions as you would expect……

Just an hour long and well acted by the cast, even if it looks a bit cheap.

  • Starring  Derren Nesbitt  Julie Hopkins  Bruce Seton

Cover Girl Killer is a thriller about a maniac killing the cover girls of WOW magazine (the FHM of it’s day?)  The owner of the magazine is desperate to help the police catch the man responsible and he is aided by his middle class persona and nice clothes. The police are straight out of Dixon of Dock Green and Z Cars and the Inspector played by Victor Brooks is simply brilliant solving the case with his trusty pipe and wallet of shag tobacco.

The killer is played by Harry H. Corbett who we all know as Harold Steptoe and his performance is outstanding.  He is without a doubt a right evil bastard with his pebble glasses and fantastic flasher mac.  The rest of the cast do their job well and all in all an hour spent with the Cover Girl Killer is an hour well spent.

  • Starring  Harry H. Corbett  Spencer Teakle  June Rawson
  • Director (of both films)  Terry Bishop
  • Distributor  Reknown Pictures