Panic Button


Four complete strangers have won a competition on a social networking site.  Their prize is an all expenses paid trip to New York on a private jet.  When they board they are greeted by a cartoon alligator on the plane’s entertainemnt system.  In order to win expensive prizes when they get to NY they have to play ‘the game’.

Gradually the game gets nasty and all sorts of unexpected twists and turns happen as the four gradually learn their fate.  I shall keep quiet on the rest of the plot as this film is simply great.  It’s nice to see a movie that comes from nowhere and smashes you straight in the face, because it’s that good. The acting from the four leads is beliveable and considering they are entirely responsible for moving the film along (apart from the alligator) they do a grand job.

A special mention must go to the voice behind the alligator, actor Joshua Richards.  Wow, that guy has got a really calm evil voice.  He scared the crap out of me.

A brilliant piece of cinematic joy that ‘plays with your head!!’

  • Starring Scarlett Alice Johnson  Elen Rhys  Jack Gordon  Michael Jibson
  • Director Chris Crow
  • Distributor Showbox