Ninjas vs. Vampires


Aaron is blown out by his best friend Alex when he declares he’s in love with her.  Suddenly, they are attacked by vampires, who in turn get attacked by some martial arts-ninja types.  The film then becomes a completely bonkers fight fest with plenty of vampire slaying and some of the worst acting I have seen in quite a while.

The deaths of the vampires are quite cleverly done, whilst obviously done on a computer they have a certain charm but some of the other CG is a bit sloppy.  The music at times can be atmospheric but a lot of it sounds like it’s composed by a tone deaf kid on a cheap music program on his PC.   It does however have some nice camerawork considering the low budget and some unusual cool camera angles.

The film sort of pulled me in gradually and in the end I sort of quite enjoyed it.  Would I recommend it?  I don’t know, I’m gonna have to sit on the fence for this one I’m afraid.

  • Starring Jay Saunders  Daniel Ross  Devon Marie Burt 
  • Director Justin Timpane
  • Distributor Left Films