As I write this review 11/11/11 is next Friday, if the film is accurate we are all going to hell (yeah right!!)

A College professor moves to a new campus to replace his ‘missing’ predecessor, along with his wife and young son he moves into a house which a year before witnessed a mass murder-suicide.  All seems well except for the crazy old lady next door and her missing cat.  ‘Accidents’ then start to happen and what are the strange marks on the living room wall?

The mad old lady finds out that Nat, the professor’s son is eleven on the 11th of November 2011 and becomes convinced the devil will be reborn in him.  Along with other assorted weirdo’s cropping up, we have a film which is more of a supernatural thriller than a horror movie and for that it works in it’s favour.

There are plenty of ‘homages’ to past devil kid films,  it’s a fairly good excuse to waste an hour and a half, don’t expect though to remember it like ‘The Omen’ which is easily the best evil kid movie out there (although I do love it’s sequel, Damien).

Not too bad at all, but certainly no classic.  A couple of nice deaths though.

  • Starring Jon Briddell  Lena La Fratta  Hayden Byerly
  • Director Keith Allan
  • Distributor The Asylum