Screwed (2011)


Sam is an ex-squaddie back on civvy street, he applies and gets a job as a prison guard.  Working on one of the prison’s toughest wings, violence and drug dealing is the norm amongst the inmates.  The Prison Governor Mr Keenan (David Hayman) appears to be the type who sees no wrong in the prisoners and doesn’t appreciate the danger the guards put themself in.  Naturally the ‘screws’ aren’t members of his fan club.

Sam begins to slip into the fast lifestyle of birds ‘n’ booze with his colleagues as he is taking under the wing by old school’er Deano brilliantly portrayed by experienced hardman Frank Harper.  The prison is ‘ran’ by scary drug dealer Truman (Noel Clarke) who seems to have the whole prison under his rule.

Prison films are two-a-penny but good ones are few and far between.  ‘Screwed’ falls into the latter category.  It’s very violent and there is liberal use of the ‘C’ word but don’t let you put you off.  It is simply outstanding and I would class it up there with ‘Scum’ and ‘Brubaker’.  It’s that good.

  • Starring James D’Arcy  Frank Harper  Noel Clarke  Kate Magowan  Jamie Foreman
  • Director Reg Traviss
  • Distributor Lionsgate