Phantom Racer


When a young racing car driver is killed, his chief rival leaves town, the profession he loves and becomes a truck driver.  Years later after a freak accident he finds himself back in his home town, then a series of murders start happening.

It appears that ‘Cutter’ his old rival has returned from the grave in his old restored racing car and is settling scores and killing a few random victims at the same time.

The ‘Killer Car’ genre is one that’s not visited very often, ‘Christine’ and ‘Maximum Overdrive’ immediately spring to mind so any newcomer is always welcome.  ‘Phantom Racer’ is well shot and nicely gruesome when it needs to be be.  It’s got a great cast, Greg Evigan in the lead of JJ is always good value and its nice to see him in a truck all these years later after ‘BJ and the Bear’ and Nicole (Baywatch) Eggert playing his ex is still one hell of a good looking lady.

The film premiered on SyFy in the States and is available pretty cheap online.  So treat yourself for a spin with the Phantom Racer (sorry about the bad pun).  Escapism pure and simple.

  • Starring Greg Evigan  Nicole Eggert  Brenna O’Brien
  • Director Terry Ingram
  • Distributor RHI