3 Musketeers


With the Paul Anderson 3D big budget movie currently doing the rounds at cinemas, it seems only fitting that those mad geniuses at The Asylum release their own version…..with a twist.

The twist this time being it set in the present and the Musketeers are ‘Black Ops’ types.  After being set up by the dastardly Cardinal (the first of many Alexandre Dumas references) the Musketeers are aided by Alexandra D’Artagnan an ancester of one of the original musketeers.  Together they team up to stop another World War.

Cue loads of explosions, fighting and towards the end of the picture some great bloodshed (well done Asylum you can still show us the red stuff!!)  The cast seem to be having a ball and its nice for the producers to rope in Kane (Jason) Hodder in a small cameo playing a sadistic torturer.

It’s certainly not art but almost ninety minutes of gormless entertainment, not be be remembered forever but nice whilst it lasts.  A movie with the tagline…..“All for one and guns for all” has to be appreciated for the sheer cheek of it.

  • Starring Heather Hemmens  Xin  Keith Allan  Michele Boyd  
  • Director Cole McKay 
  • Distibutor The Asylum