The vampire genre has certainly became rather bloated over the last few years thanks probably thanks to True Blood and the Twilight films.  Whilst I enjoy watching the former, the latter at time leaves me a bit cold as most of the vampires in it are a bit soft and dreary.  Now with Stakeland from director Jim Mickle, these vamps are total evil bastards and I love it!!

The film is a road movie plain and simple with the lead character meeting up, helping and killing folk along the way.  The film has some terrific performances in it especially from the lead Nick Damici playing a world weary hunter, the return to the screen of Kelly McGillis and horror fave Danielle Harris playing a young Mum-to-be.

The film is violent and very bleak.  In fact at times it’s bloody depressing but its a real adult film (no, not that sort) made by adults for adults not teenagers.  I can’t recommend this picture more highly.

  • Starring Nick Damici  Kelly McGillis  Danielle Harris  Connor Paulo  
  • Director Jim Mickle
  • Distributor Metrodome