A Haunting in Salem


There is no doubt about it, haunted house films are great.  There have been plenty made over the years with The Haunting and Amityville Horror probably being the stand outs.  Welcome to a new house which is now on the list of places you wouldn’t want to live courtesy of director Shane Van Dyke.

Wayne is the new sheriff of Salem, which for those who don’t know has a rather rich real life history involving witches and their trials.  As part of his new job he gets a nice big house, however there is a slight problem the place is seriously haunted and it soon starts to engulf him and his family.

The film is a slow burner and the story really kicks in around the halfway mark.  It has some nice performances and some unsettling sound effects.  It’s also got a creepy gardener as well who meets his maker thanks to some shears.

Not bad, but after it ends you probably won’t remember too much about it.  A passable time waster but it does as I said have a creepy gardener and I do love a creepy gardener!!

  • Starring Bill Oberst, Jr.  Courtney Abbiati  Nicholas Harsin  Jenna Stone
  • Director Shane Van Dyke
  • Distributor The Asylum