SAW – The Bluray Boxset (All 7 films)

Who would have thought that a low budget horror movie would become a massive box office juggernaut which would spawn six sequels including the last one in 3D.  That would be SAW starring Danny Glover, Cary Elwes and
character actor Tobin Bell playing Jigsaw, possibly the most popular and twisted psycho in movies since the Freddy and Jason days.
As each sequel progressed you got to know more about Jigsaw and what he was about.  It also didn’t make any difference that he was dead for a majority of the sequels as flashbacks were used in a clever fashion and he had a few apprentices along the way.  Standards have certainly changed in mainstream cinema in the last 10 years.  There would be no way you would get to see the gore and carnage in a wide release horror film in years gone by so well done to the creators of the series for throwing around the red stuff.  The series is also responsible for getting some decent actors in the films.  Glover, Elwes and Bell I have already mentioned but we also have Donnie Wahlberg, Dina Meyer, Shawnee Smith and Costas Mandylor on thespian duty.
I am not going to bore you with the plots of the films, but considering they were all made separately year after year they all merge into each other well with the continuing ‘Jigsaw’ story.  What’s also great is that the makers aren’t afraid to kill off popular characters which is a nice refreshing change.
The SAW Boxset is literally packed with all kinds of extra features.  The picture quality is excellent and the sound really makes use of the speakers.  You could say that it’s almost the ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’ boxset for horror fans.  You aren’t going to get a better recommendation then that.
  • Distributor Lionsgate
They have made a couple of games based on the series as well.